About Me

Hi!  My name is Ella and I'm sixteen.  I'm home schooled with my four siblings.  I'm a child of God.

 You may be wondering at the title of this blog.  Well, my heroine in the Bible is a woman named Abigail.  Her godliness and her humble, but firm reprimand, stopped David from killing her husband.  She is my heroine because of the character traits she showed in this encounter and her godly interaction with David.  Thus, it's through this blog that I follow my aspirations to become an Abigail.

Another reason I started this blog was because I saw the need for truth among young women.  Our society attacks young women in nearly every aspect of our lives.  We are constantly fed lies about our beauty, our worth, our relationships, our attitude, our appearance, and a host of other topics.

Mostly, though, I'll be using this place to document my journey to becoming the young woman that God wants me to be.  I hope to look back on this years from now and be encouraged by what God did in my life. 

I pray that God will use this blog for His glory as I seek to write the truth about what God expects of his sons and daughters.  We need to look to God for the standards we should work on attaining.

Thank you for reading,

Ella Stettner


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